Beer au naturale



Beer connoisseur. Outdoors fanatic. I believe I'd have arrived here eventually, but serious credit goes to my now wife for getting me there a little faster. When we first met, I told her I thought Corona was a good beer and I wasn't sure I liked backpacking. She had lived in Germany (and had their beer!) and had planned to thru-hike the Appalachian trail for the previous decade. She set me straight on both fronts.
Needless to say, she created a monster.

I started backpacking when I joined her for 1500 miles of the Appalachian Trail and continued when we moved to Oregon in 2007. This was about the time that the craft canned movement was beginning to build steam. It was only natural to bring along these tasty brews to camp, and eventually, to the mountain top. I love backpacking the beauty of the West, from British Columbia to California, New Mexico to Montana, and climbing and skiing the Cascades, from Mt. Shuksan in the North to Mt. Shasta in the South and everything between!

On the beer front I'm a bit of a sucker for zany flavors and experimental tastes with a strong lean towards porters and stouts. Not that I don't revel in a heady floral IPA or rich Belgian concoctions. Or give me a good German Märzen or Hefe and I dig the purity and clean profile. Thankfully living in Beervana, err..Oregon, affords me more beer options than I can even keep pace with.